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Brittles n' More: top
Located in St. Jacobs, Ontario, this company makes old fashioned copper kettle candy. Brittle, sponge toffee covered in milk chocolate, fudge and turkish delight are only some of the products that this family owned company produces. The brittle comes in a variety of wholesome ingredients including peanuts, pecans, cashews & almonds, as well as, no sugar added peanut brittle. The fudge comes in dozens of flavours like chocolate, butter pecan, chocolate mint, and maple walnut to name only a few. We carry four flavours of the Turkish Delight - lemon, blueberry, peach and raspberry. Mmmm mmmm good!
Chocolate Messenger top

The Chocolate Messenger is a local Toronto producer of fine Swiss chocolates. They carry over 5000 different moulds to produce almost anything in chocolate, including their popular SMASH CAKES. All of their chocolates are freshly made in the old Swiss tradition. Only the finest and most expensive ingredients are blended together using absolutely no chemicals or preservatives.

To see the full line of products, go to Aren’t We Sweet, can get you almost everything you see on that website.

Chocosol: top

This company uses bicycle technology and volcanic stone grinders to produce their environmentally friendly chocolate products. The Mexican cacao beans that they use, are organically grown and sun dried. All of their products are vegan, dairy free & gluten free, and none of their products contain chemicals or preservatives. Their line of sugar free products contain agave nectar – a delicious natural sweetener derived from the cactus-like agave plant.

ChocoSol products include raw and roasted cacao beans and Mexican-style chocolate pucks for eating or making hot chocolate (using a molinillo - which I also sell). The molinillo (which is Spanish for blender) is a beautiful, ornately carved, wooden tool that works like a frother to whip up hot chocolate.

Must try flavours include: sinfully raw vanilla, dark vanilla, 5 chili and seedy trinity (hemp).

Cocoa Camino (Neal Brothers): top
NEAL BROTHERS are importers & distributors of organic & specialty foods including La Siembra’s high quality organic and fair trade Cocoa Camino chocolates. Cocoa Camino chocolates come in a wide variety of flavours including chili & spice, orange, milk, espresso, white with cocoa nibs, moccachino and mint.
Eszter Gould's "Better than Biscotti" Mandelbroit Cookies: top

What sets these cookies (made in Toronto) apart from all others is Esther Gould's secret recipe and baking process, which produces Mandelbroit cookies that are softer, more flavourful and more versatile. They are good any time of the day - as a snack with tea or coffee, as a lunchtime treat with a glass of milk, or as an interesting finish to a gourmet dinner, served with espresso and liqueurs. The cookies are produced using all natural ingredients with no preservatives.

EuroExcellence (Maxim's, Dolfin, Bel Arte): top

Located in Quebec, Euro-Excellence Inc. imports and distributes fine confectionery and chocolates in Canada. You may recognize some of the whimsical collector's tins, originally produced by the world famous French restaurant - Maxim's De Paris. Within the tins, you will find a delectable assortment of milk, white and dark chocolates.

The Dolfin Chocolate Company was founded in 1989, to create a 'different kind of Belgian Chocolate'. This brand has steadily gained popularity all over the world making it a definate treat for the confirmed chocolate fanatic!

Bel Arte is a company that produces one of the finest no sugar added chocolates worldwide. The attractive box, filled with an assortment of milk, white and dark chocolate, makes this a perfect gift for those who are watching their sugar intake. Other brands currently sold at Aren't We Sweet in Toronto are: Abtey, Anis de Flavigny, Bel Arte, Dolfin, Maestrani, Maxim's de Paris, Perlege, Pralus Chocolatier.

Green & Blacks: top

How did Green & Black’s get its name? The name was dreamt up by the company founders, to symbolize the true foundations of the brand: green for organic and black for the deep, rich dark brown (almost black) color of the chocolate. Green & Blacks has remained true to their original values of ethical trading and organic products. Their aim continues to be the creation of chocolate products that gives a taste experience like no other. They believe every new creation has to be the best ever, and requires the time and care to bring out the intense chocolate flavor that has become their trademark. Their organic cocoa is grown by hundreds of farmers in Belize and the Dominican Republic. Their large selection of flavours include white, milk, butterscotch, almond, toffee, maya gold, hazelnut & currant, cherry, mint, 70% dark and 85% dark bars.

Kakayo: top

At Kakayo, each truffle is hand made and hand dipped. Fresh fruits, tea leaves and herbs are infused into each filling. Kakayo uses organic and fair trade cocoa grown on family farms in the Caribbean and Central America. They pride themselves in using the finest ingredients, and do not add preservatives to their truffles. Although all of the truffles are completely dairy free and contain no animal products, only some are vegan. Please ask one of us at Aren’t We Sweet for a list of the Vegan truffles, or look on the back of this card. The Kakayo Chocolate Company will soon be offering sugar free, diabetic friendly truffles. They are currently experimenting with several sugar substitutes and will announce the launch of their new product in the upcoming months.

Ma's Kitchen: top
How can I describe Ma's Kitchen crunch candy? It is sinfully delicious. A buttery, hardish candy coated in any combination of slivered almonds, cashews and pecans and covered in milk, white and/or dark chocolate. In three different sizes and packaging, you can decide for yourself just how sinful you'd like to be. The 300g box is a great gift to take to any dinner party.
Pure Fun™: top

Pure Fun™ is truly a fresh, original idea in the candy industry! A confectionery company that is committed to creating only Certified Organic, Kosher, and Vegan candies derived from all natural and organic ingredients.
Pure Fun™ is famous for the ingredients they DON’T use in their candies …
NO gluten, NO GMO'S, NO FD&C colours,
NO casein, NO dairy, NO artificial flavors,
NO dyes, NO synthetics, NO pesticides, NO preservatives

...nothing but Pure Fun™

Rogers' Chocolates: top
Victorians have once again voted Rogers' Chocolates as the best chocolatier in Victoria. Rogers has received the first place distinction 13 times since 1995. It was in 1885 that Charles Rogers made his first chocolates in the back of his grocery shop in Victoria, B.C., and the beautifully wrapped chocolates became a huge success. That success continues today as people continue to enjoy the famous Victorian Creams and the popular Ice Wine Truffles - to name just a few. The Canadian Art Series Collection of tins, which celebrates Canada and its famous artists, is a gift that is special both inside and out. Inside, the tins are filled with Victoria Creams, Chocolate-Covered Almonds, Gourmet Bar Miniatures, Nougat, Marzipan, and Caramel. Outside, the tins showcase the fabulous works of Canadian artists. These tins make long lasting gifts - even if the inside won’t last long!
Sitting Around Eating Bonbons: top

These chocolate products are all organic and fair trade, with a large dairy free selection. The fudge is a must try with a great variety of flavours to savour. One of my favourites is the yertle, a variation of the well known turtle, but the difference in taste is huge. Yertles are filled with two whole pecans in a divine creamy-gooey-runny caramel sauce. Another scrumptious product is any one of the many clusters – a chocolate disc covered with a variety of seeds, nuts and/or fruits. No reason to feel guilty  – it’s all good for you!
(just don’t tell the kids)

Sweets Galore & Pathfinder Foods: top
If you are looking for nostalgia, we carry old fashioned Pink Elephant popcorn, Popeye candy sticks, Wonka nerds on rope, Wonka fun dips, tootsie rolls, toffee, gold coins, licorice candy, candy floss, honey sips, bazooka gum, & more.
Taza Chocolates: top

This chocolate is unlike any other chocolate. What makes it different? Well, to get a little technical, at Taza they don't conch, and conching is a process that works the chocolate mass to round out the cacao particles and mellows the flavor by releasing some of the more volatile acids and fruity flavor components. Taza skips this step in order to preserve the texture of the chocolate and to hold in as many natural flavors of the beans as possible. Hence the chocolate is pure and intense. Minimally processed, organic, stone ground chocolate. The way it used to be! The Taza Chocolate company works closely with the farmers who tend to and harvest cacao in Central and South America, and have mastered cacao bean fermentation. The company trades directly with small farming cooperatives, who receive a higher than fair trade price for their cacao.

Zazubean: top

Zazubean’s Gourmet line of healthy dark chocolate is made from bean to bar using only 100% organic ingredients and fair-trade cocoa beans. Zazubean combines a delicious dark chocolate from Panama and Ecuador with a unique blend of botanical extracts, making this the first Canadian functional, organic fair-trade dark chocolate. The bars come in six flavours. Lunatic - a minty 72% dark chocolate bar with raw cocoa nibs. Zing - a 70% dark chocolate bar with Peruvian espresso chunks to kick start your day. Ego - a green tea and superfruit Goji berry combo in a delicious organic certified 70% dark chocolate bar. Nakid - a 73% dark chocolate and raw cocoa nib bar - simple, healthy and delicious. Flirt - a combination of stimulating herbs, maca root & Acai berries infused in a 70% dark chocolate bar. Hottie - a blend of stimulating organic herbs, maca root & damiana infused in an organic certified rich fiery Chili dark chocolate with a hint of cinnamon guaranteed to heat things up!

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