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Aren't We Sweet Store Entrance

Aren’t We Sweet! is located downstairs in the St. Lawrence Market. The chocolate and candy shop features a large selection of fair trade, organic, all natural, locally produced and Canadian products, as well as a healthy selection of European and South American specialities. This gives us the opportunity to offer a variety of dairy free, vegan, no sugar added and gluten free products. Remembering the favorites of childhood, we also carry an impressive selection of nostalgic ‘blast-from-the-past' candy, a fun contrast to our other sweets, most of which are organic and contain all natural ingredients.

And did We mention that there is homemade, organic, all natural fudge as well?

This is not your run-of-the-mill store. Some of the unique items include roasted cacao beans, chocolate covered cacao nibs, organic pomegranate fruit rocks, cashew and pecan brittle, no sugar added peanut brittle,  and ‘better than biscotti’ cookies. Most of our sugar free and no sugar added products are sweetened with Maltitol, but we do have products sweetened with certified, organic, premium Agave Nectar – a natural sweetener derived from the core of the cactus-like Agave plant, and pure natural cane sugar (which has a much lower glycemic index).

So, if you have never tasted raw cacao beans, spicy chilli & chipotle, lavender, honey ginger, or banana & rum,  hand-made chocolates, then come down to Aren’t We Sweet!



Hey chocolate lovers, Aren't We Sweet is on the move, changing and growing (for the better we hope), and is now under new ownership. My name is Michael, and I am proud to be the new owner of a fancy and delicious chocolate and candy shop. We will be introducing some new products over the next few months, both old favorites and new discoveries, and I would love to hear what you would like. Please feel free to send your ideas or requests, and we will try to find the chocolates that you like.

  • 100% stone ground
  • made in small batches
  • minimally processed
  • made with all organic ingredients
  • made with direct trade cacao beans
  • gluten free, dairy free & vegan

One of our newest suppliers, Taza is a true bean-to-bar chocolate bar. Taza sources organically grown cacao beans directly from small farmer cooperatives ensuring those farmers receive more than fair trade prices for their high quality cacao.

What makes stone ground chocolate different?
The Taza Chocolate factory uses antique Mexican stone mills to grind their cacao beans. By minimal processing, the bean stays in the bar, and the flavors that are inherent in cacao beans, are maintained.



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